Centralized and unified management of application security

Bee Ware i-Suite offer was built to come with small or big companies in Web application securing, Web services securing and Web access authentication.

A comprehensive security solution dedicated to Amazon Web Services

For businesses hosting their applications and Web services on AWS, Bee Ware has developed i-Suite 5.5 for AWS, a comprehensive security solution dedicated to AWS.

An application firewall to secure your Web Applications

Bee Ware Application Firewall was developed around 3 major functionalities providing an optimal answer to the increasing need of company data protection : Prevention, Protection, Forensics.

An XML firewall to secure exchanges between applications

Bee Ware Web Services Firewall detects offensive content for Web services and intercepts them. Web service protection thus proceeds in these 3 following major phases: attack anticipation, flow inspection and proof delivering.

Strong and centralized authentication for your Web access

Bee Ware Web Access Management solution, without any agent deployment on the application server, covers perimeter authentication, application authentication, authorization management and Cross-domain Web SSO.

Bee Ware technology

Application audits, content acceleration and optimization, virtualization and appliances