IPVanish lets you hide your real IP address and use a different address from another country, allowing you to stay safe when you browse the internet and access various sites not available in your location.

IPVanish is essentially a VPN tool. It helps you connect to various addresses from all over the world, giving you the option to browse the internet using a foreign IP. It can be useful since it can help you access various websites not available in your location through your normal IP.

Also, this can protect you and your identity, giving you the option to hide your real IP and your data.

Connect to Servers from All Over the World

The main advantage that IPVanish has over some other VPN services is the rich amount of options when it comes to connecting to various servers. With it, you’ll have the ability to connect to servers from 60 countries from all over the world. This list includes some popular countries, such as the US, Germany, Japan, Spain, and others.

It gives you the ability to hide your real IP. For selecting the country you want, you can protect yourself and hide your true identity, which can be useful for various means.

Also, it’s great if you want to access some websites that are only available in certain addresses, which can give you access to some great sites.

Kill-Switch and Other Functions

There are also some additional functions that you’ll find inside this VPN. One of the more well-known ones is the Kill-Switch function.

It is great when you detect some files or websites that might be harmful, which forces the tool to close down the connection when it feels like the connection might be threatening to you.

Additional functions include the ability to share the LAN and disable other devices to communicate with yours if you select it.


IPVanish is a safe and reliable VPN that allows you to connect to over 60 countries worldwide, giving you the option to stay safe and browse the internet more completely.

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