It is an application specially designed to keep your computer clean from viruses and other sorts of malicious content. This application scans your hard drive to provide you with the necessary security.

Microsoft Safety Scanner comes with a wizard-like interface that makes the working of the application simple for the users. You only need to select between the type of scan that you want to run. Some of the options that you can get are the quick scan, full scan, and customized scan.

This application is capable of removing malicious content without putting your computer under excessive stress. Moreover, the statistics related to malicious content can also be seen through this application.

One of the things that you must note while using this application is that the Microsoft Safety Scanner is a useful tool, but it does not replace the need for antivirus altogether. However, you can consider t to work in compatibility with most of the antivirus solutions available in the market.

Microsoft Safety Scanner is an efficient tool to scan your hard drive and remove malicious content from your computer. However, it is not the replacement of antivirus applications.

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